SSH user key management solution

SSH Communications Security unveiled today the first new extension of its SSH Information Integrity Platform, SSH User Key Management.

The module will serve to provide enterprises the ability to identify, organize and maintain trust relationships of applications, user and service accounts to their respective target SSH servers through the management of public and private keys.

“Enterprises most critical data and applications are often transported and housed on SSH and OpenSSH servers. Those enterprises using public key authentication to manage access to those servers are faced with a significant challenge today in terms of knowing who and what may access those servers. This is not only a major security and compliance risk, however it is also a cost issue, whereas many organizations manage this function manually with little or no oversight,” states Tatu Ylonen, CEO of SSH Communications Security.

The Universal SSH Key Manager will function as an extension of SSH’s ability to control and manage another facet of the SSH infrastructure already prevalent in today’s enterprises.

SSH already has the ability to manage centrally configurations, deployments, policies and host keys for its own commercial Tectia SSH variant as well as OpenSSH.

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