Beware of fake Google AV

Cyber crooks are once again trying to take advantage of Google’s name and logo to push malware onto unsuspecting users.

According to GFI researchers, a number of pages offering “Google antivirus” software and threatening to block the users’ access to Google services because of an infection have recently popped up and appear among Google and Bing search results:

Of course, the offered software is actually a rogue AV solution that has nothing to do with the Internet giant, and will likely try to bilk money from the victims.

It is worth to note that currently very few AV solutions detect the variant in question, so users are advised to be very careful when being offered software without having asked for it themselves.

In this case, the fact that the page’s URL has nothing whatsoever to do with Google should be a dead giveaway about the malicious nature of the offer.

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