Agentless deployment option for McAfee MOVE AV

McAfee announced a new agentless deployment option for McAfee MOVE AV solution which provides defenses against all types of physical and virtual attacks through a single high performance console.

In addition McAfee MOVE AV is designed to integrate with VMware vShield Endpoint and offers standardized security across all major hypervisors enabling complete security management and delivery for virtualized environments.

The McAfee MOVE AV agentless deployment option addresses the challenges of protecting the virtual environment and keeping it free of malware without the bulk of an agent, resulting in easy deployment and set-up. Both deployment options (multi-platform and agentless) provide powerful, comprehensive, and consistent protection, and are managed and reported by the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform.

The integration with VMware vShield Endpoint enables users to optimize performance in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and virtual server environments based on VMware technology, while knowing that they are completely secure. Virtualization is all about flexibility, efficiency and scalability.

“The combination of McAfee MOVE AV with VMware vShield Endpoint offers customers protection with top-rated security and high performance in their virtual desktop and server environments,” said Parag Patel, vice president, global strategic alliances, VMware. “This enables users to further embrace virtualization and benefit from the cost savings it provides.”

As a part of the McAfee security connected framework, McAfee MOVE AV delivers real-time visibility and predictive capability that is enabled by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, allowing customers to balance the business need to embrace all forms of virtualization while protecting their critical assets and sensitive data, all seamlessly integrated into one console.

“Business is a virtual entity — the IT landscape CIOs work in is rapidly changing,” said Candace Worley, senior vice president and general manager of endpoint security at McAfee. “Virtualization is providing the foundation for this agility. With our latest release of McAfee MOVE AV designed to integrate with VMware vShield Endpoint, security can be enabled without an agent making it easier to deploy and manage. Together, McAfee and VMware equip customers with the security and manageability they need.”

Security in the data centre environment needs to be designed from the ground up and adopt the fundamentals of virtualization, which include shared resources, optimized performance and low cost of ownership. As part of the McAfee security connected framework, which includes Network IPS, SIEM and server security technologies, McAfee is bringing new products to market optimized for virtual infrastructure using the McAfee MOVE platform.

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