The sad reality of data security

Hacktivists, criminals, nation states, malicious or careless insiders – all these are fueling the need for data protection and risk management within enterprises.

The sad reality is that no company is safe if targeted by a persistent and skilled enough attacker, but also that the positive movements of the globalization of business and the mobilization of the workforce have put company data at greater risk.

In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2012, Bill Morrow, executive chairman and CEO at Quarri Technologies, talks about data breaches and data security, and points out the key actions that enterprises should take in order to minimize the risk of data theft.

He also tells us that the data breaches we have witnessed so far are only the beginning.

“As these companies continue to struggle with protecting their data, the regulation around data breaches, the liability around data breaches continues to increase,” he points out, and adds that law firms are beginning to realize that the next big batch of billion-dollar settlements will be the result of data breach litigations.

Listen to the podcast here.

Bill Morrow is executive chairman and CEO at Quarri Technologies. In 2006 he founded CSIdentity Corporation, growing it over a five-year period to become the leading wholesale provider of ID Theft services across the globe. He served as CEO and Chairman of the Board into 2011, leading the company to a $100m valuation. Previously he founded and served as the Vice Chairman of the Board, Director and CEO of Grande Communications.

In 2005 Bill was appointed by the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, to serve on the Texas Emerging Technology Fund board. In 2007, Bill was reappointed to the committee and appointed to be Chairman for the next two years. Bill currently sits on the University of Texas San Antonio Development Board and has served for over 8 years.

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