Control and encrypt email with CipherPost Pro

AppRiver unveiled a secure email delivery solution, CipherPost Pro, a service that allows businesses to control and encrypt email and email attachments.

CipherPost Pro combines email encryption, certified email delivery, secure file transfer and light-weight data loss prevention into one seamless offering. The product also “wraps” around any existing email infrastructure or application so organizations do not have to replace any technology that is currently in place, including their email addresses or email programs.

A SaaS-based solution, CipherPost Pro enables rapid new customer deployments and is centrally managed so IT professionals can easily see the number of users, determine the amount of storage available for secure email attachments, and review usage analysis and other system data.

The solution also provides unique functionality in its patented “Delivery Slip,” which allows authorized individuals to see multiple characteristics about a given message, such as who sent it, who received it and how it was handled, including deletions, forwards and attachment downloads—all time-stamped and with corresponding IP addresses.

CipherPost Pro includes the following features:

  • Encrypted Email—By default, a stub message directing a message recipient to a website for secure content download is sent; if the recipient has installed a Microsoft Outlook toolbar, the encrypted message is sent and decrypted at the point of receipt.
  • Patented Delivery Slip—As noted previously, the delivery slip shows who sent and received a message and how it was handled, with updated time stamping and the IP address representing each participant’s device.
  • Certified Email Delivery—CipherPost Pro can notify the sender when a message has been received and opened. In addition, the sender can set other controls, such as blocking the ability for the recipient to print or forward the message (marking it “For Your Eyes Only”).
  • Secure File Transfer—CipherPost Pro users can send encrypted attachments right from their Microsoft Outlook clients. CipherPost Pro will encrypt the attachment and hold it, sending a stub message to the recipient who can then retrieve the attachment from a secure website. AppRiver can design a custom-branded CipherPost Pro site for retrieving the attachment.
  • Data Loss Prevention by Content Filtering—IT administrators can set policies regarding the handling of messages that would appear to contain sensitive information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers. CipherPost Pro can stop such messages from being sent or can take other actions, based on the set policy.
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