SIEM and vulnerability management integration

LogRhythm and Qualys announced their partnership and the integration of LogRhythm’s SIEM 2.0 platform with Qualys’ QualysGuard Vulnerability Management (VM).

The integration of QualysGuard’s accurate vulnerability data with SIEM 2.0’s network security event information provides customers with deeper insight and greater situational awareness for better protection against cyber threats.

To enable business growth, IT must deploy, maintain and secure heterogeneous environments that may reside across different locations and networks.

With this partnership, LogRhythm leverages QualysGuard’s open platform and robust set of APIs to provide customers with real-time vulnerability intelligence feeds along with its event and log information, providing customers with a more effective, holistic IT security approach to protect against threats and vulnerabilities.

The integration provides:

  • A QualysGuard VM feed that identifies and catalogs assets and discovers vulnerabilities at the scale of customers’ organizations
  • Alarm capabilities that notify users when imported vulnerabilities match preset thresholds
  • Normalized QualysGuard vulnerability data that can be used in LogRhythm’s SIEM 2.0 correlation engine to help users prioritize events.

QualysGuard today serves more than 5,500 customers in 85 countries, including 51 of the Forbes Global 100, and LogRhythm currently has more than 1,200 customers worldwide, including those it serves through its MSSP partners.

In addition to its current technology integration, the companies are exploring ways to correlate data and utilize LogRhythm’s SmartResponse capabilities to help customers best prioritize their actions to proactively remediate security threats in real-time.

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