ISO 27001 benefits: How to obtain management support

As with any other project, if you do not ensure enough money and human resources, your ISO 27001 project will fail. Therefore, the only way to get those is to get your management buy-in.

If you want your management to understand what you are saying to them, you have to use their language and you have to understand their way of thinking – usually it comes down to “return on investment”. You have to reach them before your project begins, because later on you are going to run into problems.

Getting your management support will make your life much easier; not getting their support will probably mark you as the person responsible for a failed project.

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  • The management mindset – how the management reaches decisions
  • How to present ISO 27001 in non-technical terms
  • 4 main benefits of ISO 27001 and how to present them
  • The role of management in ISO 27001 implementation.

This interactive live online training is designed to enable you to walk away with important skills for being able to convince your management to go for ISO 27001 project.

This course offers compelling content, downloadable presentation deck and live engagement with an expert consultant with whom you can discuss how to resolve your specific implementation issues. You will experience the training right from your desk, eliminating travel costs and minimizing lost time away from your office.

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