Secure online voting on iOS and Android

Scytl announced today the successful implementation of its online voting encryption technology for use on Android and iOS.

By encrypting the ballot on the voter’s device before it is cast, Scytl is now able to guarantee end-to-end security – from the voter to the final tally – not only for computer-based online voting but also for mobile voting.

Encrypting the ballot on the voter’s device (computer, smartphone or tablet computer) before it is transmitted to the digital ballot box server to be stored is one of the critical security features offered by Scytl’s online voting systems. This prevents anyone, including system administrators, from violating voter privacy or jeopardizing the election results.

Alternative solutions that encrypt the ballots only once they are received on the digital ballot box server open the possibility for malicious attackers or system administrators to intercept, read or modify the ballots while they are being sent or upon arrival at the server, before they are encrypted while they are still in clear-text.

“By leveraging its pioneering security technology with Google and Apple’s mobile device platforms, Scytl has become the premier election technology provider to offer an online voting system that guarantees the highest standards in terms of both voter privacy and ballot integrity both on personal computers and mobile devices”, said Gabriel Dos Santos, Scytl’s Vice President of Software Engineering.

Scytl’s specialized security technology has been internationally recognized by both industry and academia for protecting privacy and results integrity. Scytl’s security technology has been audited by independent international organizations and academic experts in the field of election administration that have consistently found its security and technology to be accurate and reliable. These organizations include the Florida Department of State, the Center for Advanced Security Research, the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology, the French Security Agency, Fribourg University in Switzerland and Trondheim University in Norway.

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