Damballa enhances cyber threat protection for ISPs

Damballa announced general availability of CSP 1.7, a cyber threat solution for ISPs and telecommunications providers that detects subscriber malware infections by monitoring DNS traffic in the carrier’s network. It incorporates first-ever detection capabilities and support for IPV6.

“Service providers are facing increasing pressure to provide “clean pipes’ and to protect their subscribers from cyber crime that threatens to steal customer credentials, commit fraudulent transactions, or commandeer the subscriber device to launch DDoS or other cyber attacks,” said Kirk Appelman, vice president, service provider solutions for Damballa. “Damballa is actively involved in industry-wide efforts to address this issue, including participating in developing the U.S. Anti-Bot Code of Conduct.”

By monitoring a carrier’s DNS traffic as a means to detect criminal behavior, Damballa CSP represents a lightweight solution that can protect millions of subscribers with a single appliance while posing no risk of exposing any personally identifiable information (PII). The solution identifies cyber threat activity on any type of subscriber device including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android and all mobile and smartphone platforms.

Damballa CSP 1.7 offers important new threat detection capabilities, which help communication service providers (CSPs) detect emerging cyber threats weeks or months before the malware samples are first seen by the rest of the security industry and long before traditional preventative security solutions will have the signatures or blacklists they would need to detect the infection.

With this latest release, Damballa has added enhanced detection and termination capabilities to combat the ever-advancing evasion techniques cyber criminals employ.


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