Prevent metadata leaks with Metadacte 2.0

Litera released Metadacte 2.0, allowing companies to prevent metadata leaks, including information sent from mobile devices.

Key new features include the ability to clean attachments in more file types, such as password-protected zip files and embedded e-mail messages. Users can now be alerted when auto-detected tracked changes are present and define the action to be taken.

New administrative tools allow more granular control of excluded recipients and domains, enhanced reporting of users overriding default settings, enhanced active directory integration, streamlined installation process, improved load balancing and failover capabilities and variety of other enhancements designed to increase usability and performance.

“Our clients provide us great insight into what they need in their metadata removal software, and we’ve built Metadacte with their input,” said Karen Massand, president of Litera. “This new version of Metadacte makes metadata cleaning even more efficient for an organization, while ensuring it remains effortless from the user’s standpoint, no matter how the content is sent – from e-mail, webmail or mobile devices. For our clients, it all adds up to mitigating risk and managing reputation easily and intuitively.”

Metadacte removes metadata from e-mail messages and their attachments (including Microsoft Office, PDF, image and ZIP files) sent via Outlook and other e-mail programs. It allows corporate administrators to enforce a centralized cleaning policy while providing the option for individual users to control settings in Outlook and determine what types of metadata are cleaned.

Metadacte’s additional enterprise-grade differentiating features include:

  • Cleaning of image files, Excel formulas, PPT notes, hidden cells and comments
  • Sent items reflect what recipient received
  • Field conversion
  • Granular control of what is cleaned if desired (e.g., subject, not author)
  • Administrative reports on latency, processing time, data removed per e-mail, etc.
  • Implementation kits including training video snippets for the company’s e-learning site, quick reference guides, sample communications and more.
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