Secure cloud file sharing for the enterprise

Varonis launched DatAnywhere, which extends the usability of corporate file sharing infrastructure to enable traditional file servers and NAS devices to behave like cloud-based file synchronization services (e.g. Dropbox, Google drive).

Users will have the same collaboration experience that cloud services provide, but organizations will not actually have to move data into the cloud, nor will they need to manage an additional user directory, or manage a different set of permissions.

DatAnywhere automatically and securely syncs files from corporate file shares to and from remote employee laptops and devices, authenticates with corporate directory services and gives employees the ability to securely share files with co-workers and external business partners.

Cloud-based content sharing services are widely used by consumers, but they can be unsettling for organizations because of the data protection and management ramifications they carry. With the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), vast amounts of data are leaking onto devices outside of enterprise controls and audit trails.

By using File synchronization with existing CIFS shares over HTTPS organizations can provide the cloud experience (file synchronization services) within minutes, without moving their data to the cloud, without configuring new access controls, and with almost no additional infrastructure.

No data needs to be moved from existing file shares or migrated to a proprietary repository, and users can seamlessly collaborate with users that still access traditional CIFS shares via mapped drives or UNC paths. Varonis DatAnywhere provides a software proxy system that translates traditional LAN protocols (CIFS) to HTTPS for fast, secure remote access over the internet, upholding existing authentication (Active Directory) and authorization (CIFS/NTFS permissions).

The Adherence with existing Directory Services and CIFS permissions means that no additional authentication, authorization processes or permissions configuration will be required. Users will be able to authenticate with Active Directory, and existing authorization from CIFS permissions will be enforced. No additional authentication, authorization processes or permissions configuration will be required.

Synchronization Lists allow organizations to control what data resides on employee remote devices. End users can easily sync data they need to perform their role. The lists enable groups of shares for synchronization to be created on personal and organizational levels, and to have multiple device profiles to enable Synchronization of different data with different devices.

DatAnywhere’s extranet capability enables organizations to collaborate safely with 3rd parties without moving data to the cloud. End users can share files and folders with business partners securely including read only or read/upload configurations, with expiration dates.

Distributed Scalability is provided by a supporting infrastructure flexible enough for all organizations – from small, to large distributed, with no single point of failure. DatAnywhere consists of 3 components that can reside on one or multiple servers, a proxy server, a sync manager, and a sync worker.

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