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Solix Technologies announced its EDMS Data Masking Standard Edition, a high performance data masking solution for PCI/PII compliance. Through a free download users are able mask up to 10 columns of sensitive data across all non-production instances of a single enterprise application.

“The problem is small and mid-sized companies don’t have dedicated security staff to manage complicated security systems. For products to help small companies they’ve got to be dead simple to use, automate basic security functions and save them time. The product has to make their jobs easier, not be their job.” according to Adrian Lane, CTO at Securosis.

Data masking has emerged as a best practice to protect non-production data because unlike encryption, masking is able to support the entire application development lifecycle. Data masking removes personally identifiable information such as a person’s name and account, credit card, or social security number, and transforms it into contextually accurate, albeit fictionalized, data.

By obfuscating the information, data masking de-identifies personally identifiable information. And because it is no longer confidential, masked data is acceptable for use in non-production environments such as application development.

“We were able to download the software and mask an entire landscape of non-production instances in less than an hour,” said Sadagopan Singam, Vice President, HCL America. “It was easy, and best of all, the software was free.”

Solix EDMS Data Masking SE is available for free download here (registration required).

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