Web sessions and mobile traffic visibility

Silver Tail Systems announced the availability of Silver Tail Systems Forensics 3.0, which extends security intelligence applied to user behavior and broadens reporting capabilities of online activity for use within an organization.

The rising tide of mobile devices and applications is creating vast opportunities for businesses to connect with customers, while simultaneously opening up an additional threat vector for cybercriminals. “As ecommerce and mobile payments continue to grow in popularity, the security of the payment experience will be an ongoing focus for merchants and consumers who want to pay for the things that matter to them via these channels,” says Ed Olebe, Group Head, PayPass Wallet Services, MasterCard Worldwide.

Forensics 3.0 provides deep visibility into mobile application traffic correlated with core website and mobile web sessions, providing the analytics and information needed to rapidly identify and address the threats facing today’s web-enabled platforms.

To enable fraud and security teams to find and prevent threats as quickly as possible, Silver Tail introduces StreamView, an intelligent, simple interface that provides a single view of web sessions and user behavior.

StreamView includes Clickstream Markers that provide a heuristic approach to analyzing user clickstreams and offer an automated intelligence layer to assist investigations.

When analyzing user behavior, customers will see highlighted clues that indicate behavioral anomalies such as geographic irregularities in the user behavior, changes in the user-agent from click to click and more.

Web session visibility is key to many groups inside an organization: fraud, security, risk, senior executives and others. Forensics 3.0 enables organizations to easily manage and report on the performance histories of security logic by deploying reporting and security logic to every single page of a website with a single click, and organizing rules by tag.

This offers company stakeholders the flexibility to create custom reports from web session intelligence to make better decisions about the business.

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