“See who viewed your Facebook profile” scam targets users via Twitter

Even Twitter users aren’t safe from “See who viewed your Facebook profile” scams.

“Twitter Followers? Check this out New Facebook Followers has been developed. You can now see who’s Viewed and Followed your Profile. Check your Top10 Followers here>>> [Link removed],” says the message that has been spreading on the microblogging service.

“The scammers bank on the fact that many Twitter users also have Facebook accounts and therefore at least a few will succumb to the temptation to see who has been viewing their profile and click the scam link,” Hoax-Slayer points out.

Those who follow the link are taken to a page that urges them to click the “Like” button in order to promote the scam on their Facebook account, then to click on the “View Result” button that results in them being asked to install a bogus Facebook app:

But even if they do, they will not get to see who follows them on Facebook. Instead, they are asked to jump through another hoop: they are required to complete a survey to “verify your age and unlock the requested content.”

This is your typical survey scam, and at no point will the user get a glimpse of its “Top 10 Followers”.

Users who have fallen for it are advised to revoke the permissions for the aforementioned app and to clean up their Facebook and Twitter feeds of messages posted by it.

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