Secure hardware storage encryption from SafeNet

SafeNet extends its comprehensive portfolio of data security solutions into the storage security market with StorageSecure, a NAS security solution developed in partnership with NetApp that encrypts data over the network at multi Gbps speed

StorageSecure benefits:

Policy-based data security: Granular encryption of data communicated over Common Internet File System (CIFS) and Network File Service (NFS) at the folder level segregating data stored in shared NAS environments ensuring that each user’s data is effectively isolated from unauthorized access by other users and administrators. An additional layer of protection against rogue administrators is unique in the industry.

Enhanced data governance: The hardened and trusted FIPS 140-2 Level 3 StorageSecure is a tamper-proof network appliance with centralized high-assurance auditing and security management that stores and manages the encryption keys with complete security. This enables a complete and unmatched audit trail of access events to high-value data stored in NAS.

Investment protection: StorageSecure integrates within existing IT architectures and uses existing Active Directory, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Network Information Service (NIS) security policies and client authentication, and covers any CIFS and NFS communications supporting NAS and file servers.

Cross-platform key management: As part of SafeNet’s data protection portfolio, StorageSecure integrates with SafeNet’s Enterprise Key Management solution, KeySecure. KeySecure enables security teams to centrally and uniformly manage cryptographic keys across a wide variety of their organization’s encryption platforms, while at the same time streamlines key and policy administration.

Based on the KMIP protocol (the industry standard key management protocol), KeySecure offers key management for StorageSecure, as well as the widest variety of storage encryption solutions including encryption for SAN by managing keys for Brocade encryption switch (BES) self-encrypted drives used in many new SAN and NAS environments (e.g. NetApp NSE), self-encrypted backup tape drives.

Sangeeta Anand, corporate vice president and general manager, Data Protection Business Unit, SafeNet, said: “As data volumes proliferate and breaches become a more common occurrence, organizations need to employ a new mindset that will help protect their digital assets from internal and external threats. StorageSecure does just that by employing intelligent storage encryption and high-assurance key management to existing storage solutions. This helps organizations play proactive defense and keep structured and unstructured data safe, secure against insider threats and remain compliant with stringent industry regulations.”

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