A true private cloud from CloudFounders

CloudFounders released CloudFrames, a software platform that converts commodity x86 hardware into a multi-function, ultra-reliable and high performance private cloud.

“Simply saying that you have a private cloud does not make it true,” explains Joost Metten, CEO for CloudFounders. “Almost every vendor is now claiming to have an on premise private cloud offering but many offer little more than basic virtualisation capabilities. With CloudFrames, we have an offering that combines all the elements needed to build a complete private cloud that can be installed on any standard x86 hardware.”

Based on six years of technical development, CloudFrames is a fully integrated solution that combines the following:

  • Cloud automation and management engine offering a single pane of glass for server, network and storage virtualization
  • Scale out, redundant SAN with performance at 20,000 IOPS per box
  • 15 minute snapshots zero copy cloning and replication
  • Built in continuous backup and disaster recovery
  • Multiple hypervisor support across VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and VirtualBox
  • Flexible deployment options – either at the customer office or a data center
  • Uses commodity x86 hardware.

In terms of cost, many “new” private cloud solutions start at a $100,000 plus initial investment whereas CloudFounders offers a modular grow as you need pricing structure.

“With CloudFrames a customer can start with a total investment that includes hardware, software and networking for less than $10,000 and then add capacity when needed,” Metten adds. The private cloud technology developed by CloudFounders has been deployed at over 2,000 customers over the last two 2 years through a previous OEM agreement.

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