Sensitive data protection with A+ Folder Locker

Giant Matrix released A+ Folder Locker, its new product for sensitive data protection. Thanks to advanced encryption algorithms and multi-level security, it guarantees that the user’s personal and business information will remain confidential.

The software’s basic function is the creation of lockers on a PC, where files with confidential information can be hidden from prying eyes and hackers. Such lockers include numerous levels of protection, and all attacks are logged by the program so that the user could review them later.

The lockers can be protected with a pattern password, which is virtually impossible to crack. Since regular text passwords are also supported, the program features password generator that creates attacker-resistant text passwords.

Another handy feature enables the user to protect confidential files and folders steganographically, meaning that they will be hidden under the disguise of photos or video files, and nobody else will ever be able to guess that.

A+ Folder Locker is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It is available in two editions: Regular, which costs 34.95 USD, and Free, where certain functions are limited.

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