Pano Logic expands desktop computing platforms

Pano Logic announced Pano System for Cloud/Terminal Services 2.0, which links cloud-based computing with legacy terminal services resources, easing migration to the cloud.

Pano Logic’s core technology enables Pano Zero Clients to function as endpoints for any form of server-hosted desktop – ranging from full, virtualized Windows desktops, to Microsoft and Citrix terminal services, and even to browser-based cloud desktops – and it provides an easy migration path between them.

The new software release also includes free enrollment in a cloud-based remote server management console called Pano Cloud portal. The portal enables IT managers to monitor and manage their Pano endpoints and cloud servers from any Internet-connected browser worldwide.

With Pano System for Cloud/Terminal Services 2.0, enterprises that have experimented with thin clients can migrate from those complex environments to Pano Zero Clients, still utilizing their RDP or XenApp investments but realizing the benefits of fully centralized management and an endpoint device that requires no maintenance or configuration.

Pano Logic’s Pano Zero Client represents the only true zero client endpoint device on the market for desktop virtualization and cloud desktop computing. They consume 97 percent less power than PCs, 50 percent less power than thin clients or other so-called zero clients, and never store data or run software locally, eliminating endpoint security risks.

Pano System for Cloud/Terminal Services 2.0 provides IT managers with broad new powers to manage and monitor their endpoints and servers from almost anywhere. Using the free Pano Cloud portal, authorized admins can monitor Pano Zero and Virtual Clients, managing desktop security and device settings via the portal’s management console. By moving management to the cloud, administrators now have the flexibility to deploy headless appliances throughout their organization and then manage them from anywhere.

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