GFI WebMonitor now includes a security dashboard

GFI Software announced that GFI WebMonitor, which now includes several new features that put valuable productivity, bandwidth and security data in the hands of relevant stakeholders throughout the company.

Expanding upon the enhancements made last spring – which included Activity, Bandwidth and Real-Time Traffic “smart” dashboards – the latest version of GFI WebMonitor now features a Security Dashboard, enabling IT admins to zone in on potential Web security issues before they become a problem.

With this addition, GFI WebMonitor now includes a dashboard for each of the major areas of impact associated with Web browsing in the workplace – security issues, bandwidth drain and productivity loss. Additionally, new role-based access capabilities enable IT admins to better share dashboard-generated data relevant to business managers and the employees they manage, without inundating them with unnecessary information or giving them access to the WebMonitor configuration settings.

“The information that a Web monitoring solution provides holds value far beyond the IT department,” said David Attard, product manager, GFI Software. “Web browsing in the workplace can have productivity, bandwidth and security repercussions that impact not only IT, but HR and business managers as well. We targeted all of these pain points with GFI WebMonitor’s smart dashboards and made it easier than ever for stakeholders across the company to access data vital to their job and use it to improve the business.”

The latest version of GFI WebMonitor also includes:

Malware protection – Using GFI WebMonitor’s Security Dashboard, IT administrators can keep up to date on vital security information, such as how many malicious websites were blocked, which users are hitting the most malware, and what viruses are making the rounds. Additionally, for ultimate protection, GFI VIPRE Antivirus, GFI Software’s flagship AV solution, is now included as one of several built-in AV engines offered to WebSecurity and UnifiedProtection edition customers.

Enhanced social controls – GFI WebMonitor now includes new granular functionality on social networking sites, enabling IT to block certain features that could lead to productivity loss, such as applications and games, rather than restricting access to the sites themselves.

Multi-site synchronisation – New configuration functionality makes it easier than ever for IT admins to manage multi-site implementations of GFI WebMonitor.

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