Secure audio and microphone switch from Belkin

Belkin released its Secure Audio and Microphone Four-Port Switch which offers users centralized control over audio ports, and is designed to reduce the possibility of analog cross-talk of audio signals between computers running at different security levels.

The switch is designed for government and other environments requiring the use of VoIP communications. Supporting both stereo audio and microphone analog signals, the switch allows users to securely share headsets, speakers and microphones between computers or IP phones.

It features dedicated printed circuit boards for the audio and microphone signals. Keeping the audio signals physically separated from the microphone signals eliminates the possibility of leakage between signals on either side.

Unlike solid-state audio multiplexers, the Secure Audio and Microphone Switch relies on high-quality mechanical relays and does not have a memory buffer or the ability to store data. This prevents signals from being exploited or manipulated by malicious software as users switch between computers, ensuring the integrity of the signal.

Additionally, Belkin’s switch incorporates a hardware microphone mute button to shut off the microphone when the switch is not in use or while handling calls where the microphone is not required. The mute button cannot be manipulated by software or driver, allowing for increased security.

Other security features of Belkin’s Secure Audio and Microphone Switch include:

Non-reprogrammable firmware – Custom firmware is not reprogrammable, preventing the ability to tamper with the switch logic.

Metal-plate firewall – Placed between the audio and microphone printed circuit boards, the metal-plate firewall reduces the potential of electromagnetic interference leakage.

Tamper-evident tape – A holographic security label placed on the enclosure provides a visual indication if the switch has been opened or compromised.

Port coloring – Included color chips can be inserted into each port-selector button facilitating port identification and reducing user error.

Secure packaging – “Tear away” packaging ensures secure delivery of the switch as it is routed to the end user.

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