Interoperable standard for financial data exchange

The IFX Forum has published version 1.9 of IFX, its open, interoperable standard for financial data exchange.

The IFX Forum is an international non-profit industry association whose mission is to develop and promote the adoption of the IFX specification. The new version’s enhancements focus on ATM implementations and compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Extensions to IFX in Version 1.9 include:

  • Support for devices that can operate in multiple modes (i.e., clerk/teller-operated vs. customer-operated, depending on the time of day), allowing more dynamic interaction between the terminal and the server
  • Message extension that allows a device to customize operations based on the services a customer is enrolled in, such as mortgage, investment, etc.
  • Europe-focused ATM enhancements, such as support for local security requirements that exceed those covered by the common industry security standards, and support for Germany’s Modular Merkmal (MM) card security token
  • Removal of any sensitive authentication data, as defined by the PCI DSS, from consumer-initiated Reverse and Modify messages – applicable across all IFX implementations
  • Support for ATM overdraft notification to customers
  • Enhancements to ATM cash dispensing and check processing modules.

“The enhancements and extensions in IFX 1.9 are important for IFX ATM-POS implementations, with special application for those in Europe,” said Richard P. Urban, President of the IFX Forum. “The new material demonstrates IFX’s international orientation especially well, along with the excellent cross-industry collaboration within the Forum’s Working Groups. I encourage anyone who is interested in furthering the value of IFX in a particular region or sector to join us, and participate in setting future direction for the specification.”

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