Bogus Skype password change notifications lead to phishing

Bogus emails supposedly sent by Skype are targeting users of the popular VoIP service, saying that their Skype password has been “successfully changed”, Hoax-Slayer warns.

Users who haven’t recently initiated the password change themselves are in danger of believing that their account is in the process of being hijacked and following the offered links without thinking.

Those that do will be faced with a spoofed Skype login page that sends the entered login credentials to the scammers behind this phishing attempt.

Users are advised always to log into the legitimate online services they use only via the official login page.

Following your own bookmark to it or entering the right URL in the browser address bar yourself are safe ways for checking what’s going on with your account. Following links included in unsolicited emails – and especially those that try to create a sense of urgency – is not.

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