Info-stealing Trojan posing as Panda Cloud Antivirus

Researchers from Spanish antivirus vendor Panda Security are warning potential users about information-stealing malware disguised as their Panda Cloud Antivirus solution.

The file – named 2.4.exe – is equipped with the well-known Panda icon but, once run, installs the DarkAngle Trojan on the victim’s computer.

The Trojan is capable of logging all commands entered by the users into the affected computer – including, of course, personal, financial and login information – and send it to a remote server controlled by cyber crooks.

It is also able to load itself up after every computer reboot, and uses stealth techniques to prevent being detected by antivirus products.

In order to prevent being infected by this and other malware, users should get used to downloading all software from the developers’ official of Facebook pages, and from reputable download sites.

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