Biometric authentication service for web and mobile service providers

BioID announced BioID Connect, a cloud-based biometric authentication service that providers of web, cloud and mobile services can easily integrate to offer their users convenient strong authentication, using standard webcams and smart phone cameras for highly accurate face recognition.

“As companies and individuals continue to adopt web, cloud and mobile services for more activities, it is becoming increasingly clear that traditional authentication is still vulnerable against identity theft and data theft. This is not only a problem for users; service providers face a growing threat of lawsuits and more stringent regulations,” said Ho Chang, CEO of BioID. “BioID Connect delivers strong authentication by verifying the user’s physical presence reliably, in a way that is easy and natural – the user just looks at the camera.”

According to a study by Symantec, identity theft and other cyber crimes average over one million victims a day with an annual global cost of $388 billion. At the same time, increasingly sophisticated hackers continue to make headlines with high-profile attacks, and password theft has often been either part of the method or part of the goal. Strong biometric verification helps both service providers and end users because it offers greater security and more convenience.

With the BioID Connect authentication as a service model, web and mobile service providers can quickly integrate strong authentication that requires only a standard webcam or smart phone camera, without the need for special client hardware or software.

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