First application firewall for Google Apps

CloudLock launched CloudLock Apps Firewall, which helps enterprises discover, classify and enable trusted third party mobile and web apps that require access to users’ Google Apps accounts and data.

Gil Zimmermann, CEO and Co-Founder of CloudLock said: “CloudLock Apps Firewall helps enterprises extend their security practices to include apps that have been granted access to their Google Apps domain, discovering all apps and showing the scope of permissions and access available to each. Organizations can now provide users with the convenience of mobile and web apps, and ensure security, governance, and compliance policies are adhered to.”

There is no question that employees are using consumer and mobile web apps to get their work done. Companies using Google Apps can now use CloudLock Apps Firewall to balance the productivity gains from these apps with keeping corporate data safe.

Companies that mistakenly believe their employees are not already using the cloud, can either keep their heads in the sand and ignore the fact that employees will use unsanctioned apps to do business related tasks, or they can use Google Apps and CloudLock Apps Firewall to embrace employee choice while maintaining control over how apps can access sensitive information.

CloudLock Apps Firewall is designed to allow employees the freedom and flexibility to perform their daily tasks while providing IT with the visibility and control to enforce the Approved Application Policy (AAP). CloudLock Apps Firewall:

  • Provides effective, ongoing monitoring and discovery of new apps used in the domain
  • Drives user productivity by promoting trusted, approved applications
  • Protects the domain from unapproved application access, with enterprise wide visibility and the controls needed to remediate across thousands of users
  • Educates users on the permissions third-party applications request and which are permissible by the organization
  • Supports a distributed and mobile workforce, applying consistent security regardless of endpoint device.

“Consumer app stores create a number of challenges for IT leaders looking to support the application needs of an enterprise. They raise the bar for IT organizations by providing simpler ways to find, purchase, install and upgrade a wide variety of applications. When employees come to work, they bring their app store experience and expectations with them, and begin to expect a similar experience with their enterprise applications,” said Ian Finley, Research VP, Gartner Research.

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