Rackspace launches Cloud Block Storage, powered by OpenStack

Rackspace announced Cloud Block Storage, powered by OpenStack. This solution provides an approach to attached storage in the cloud by addressing customer demand for performance for file systems, databases and other input/output (I/O) intensive applications.

Cloud Block Storage offers a standard volume option for everyday storage with performance that has been tested to be at least 30 percent less variable than that of alternatives.

The new product’s SSD volume option has also been tested to deliver even higher performance, 5x to 6x faster than competing solutions. Both options feature a transparent, flat pricing structure with no charge for I/O, and are now available for Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.

With Rackspace Cloud Block Storage, customers get:

A full-featured attachable storage solution

  • Attach multiple volumes of up to 1 Terabyte each of block storage to Cloud Servers
  • Detach and re-attach storage between compute nodes in seconds
  • Choice of Standard Performance or SSD-based High-Performance storage.

Enhanced performance

  • SSD-based solution is more than 10 times faster than Standard drive performance1.
  • Cloud Block Storage Standard drive delivers consistent performance with less variability than standard drive solutions offered by leading competitors1.
  • High performance can be achieved without the need to RAID0 (stripe) volumes together, providing significant savings in cost and complexity.
  • There is no cap on I/O and users do not have to specify IOPS numbers, as they do with competing solutions.

A simple pricing model

  • Standard – $0.15 per gigabyte per month; SSD – $0.70 per gigabyte per month
  • $.10 per gigabyte per month for snapshot data stored
  • Competitive pricing structure also features I/O at no additional charge, no additional per-instance fee, no minimum instance size, and consistent pricing in all U.S. regions.
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