81% don’t trust cloud security

81 percent of IT professionals express security concerns when moving data to the cloud, according to a recent survey by GreenSQL.

The survey focused on one question: “What is your main security concern when moving your database to the cloud”?

Respondents said:

31 percent: I do not trust the level of security in cloud services.

28 percent: Compliance and regulations requirements do not allow moving data to the cloud.

22 percent: I cannot control my data on the cloud.

19 percent: Cloud services are not mature yet.

“People are naturally concerned about their data and perceived vulnerabilities when migrating to the cloud,” said Amir Sadeh, CEO, GreenSQL. “Even the responses about control and the technology’s maturity are tinged with concerns about security. The cloud is still a new, uncharted territory for many, and trusting data to the cloud borders on an act of faith.”

With ever increasing numbers of companies shifting at least some of their operations to the cloud, both companies and their customers are understandably concerned about inherent vulnerabilities. Databases are under SQL injection attacks from hackers, fraud and identity theft are more prevalent than drug crimes, and data exposure from unauthorized database access and database administration errors are all threats, no matter where the data is housed.

“Companies have to be concerned about the risk to their reputations and bottom lines. SMBs recognize that database protection in the cloud is essential not only to remaining in compliance with regulations, but also to ensure customers’ confidence that their records are safe.” concluded Sadeh.

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