Digitally signed ransomware lurking in the wild

Trend Micro researchers have spotted two ransomware variants bearing the same (probably stolen) digital signature in order to fool users into running the files.

Other than that, the malware acts like any other ransomware: it blocks the victims’ computer and shows messages that seem to come either from the FBI or the UK’s Police Central e-crime Unit:

“Users may encounter these files by visiting malicious sites or sites exploiting a Java vulnerability,” say the researchers.

And if the bogus law enforcement messages are anything to go by, it seems that those same malware peddlers have managed to hack the DNS records of Go Daddy hosted websites so that they can redirect victims to malicious sites hosting the Cool exploit kit.

Sophos’ researchers speculate that the DNS records hijacking was due to stolen or weak passwords.

“Go Daddy customers who wish to check they have not been affected by these attacks should check their DNS configuration according to the Go Daddy support page,” they advise.

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