Free anti-spam software for the Mac

Cloudmark announced DesktopOne for Mac, that enables Mac users to filter email to eliminate messaging threats, protecting consumers and small businesses against spam, phishing and email-borne viruses.

Cloudmark’s email filtering enables users to block, unblock and scan suspicious messages within minutes of installation. Cloudmark DesktopOne for Mac integrates with Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook for Mac, and supports Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

Key features include:

Fast, easy installation – Users don’t need to know their email service provider’s configurations to be up and running quickly. During installation, Cloudmark DesktopOne for Mac automatically detects existing email accounts, enabling users to begin filtering emails immediately.

Accurate, real-time protection against emerging threats – DesktopOne for Mac harnesses the power of Cloudmark’s award-winning technology, as well as real-time feedback from millions of email users in the Cloudmark network. DesktopOne users are part of a global community, whose contributions provide their fellow users worldwide with real-time protection against emerging threats.

Support for Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook for Mac – Cloudmark DesktopOne for Mac to seamlessly integrate with the most popular clients on Mac OS, with the addition of a context-aware button on the toolbar.

No manual training required – Unlike other spam filters, Cloudmark DesktopOne for Mac requires no training or rules management, freeing up users from spam management and other installation-related tasks.

Language-agnostic protection – Cloudmark’s filtering technology works anywhere in the world, providing the same accuracy regardless of language or location.

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