Video surveillance for critical IT systems

NetWrix has announced its new User Activity Video Reporter tool that acts like a surveillance camera for critical servers and other IT systems by recording user activity for security, compliance, audit and troubleshooting.

By capturing metadata during the recording process for reporting and playback, the sophisticated VideoScape technology allows IT administrators to fast-forward or link directly to specific tasks or actions. This could include opening a window or starting a process, accessing or changing files, web browsing or work done in management tools and applications.

Complementing traditional configuration and change auditing solutions, NetWrix’s new user activity monitoring software provides complete visibility of IT systems and applications that may not produce logs or enough information to investigate user behavior.

Many critical systems require administrator or vendor accounts to be given extensive permissions that could allow them to circumvent any change and configuration logging.

“Complete visibility over critical IT systems can be difficult, inefficient and expensive, but without “who, what, when and where’ audit detail, vital issues can go undetected and unresolved, risking security and compliance as well as compromising auditing requirements and troubleshooting,” said Robert Bobel, Director of Product Management at NetWrix. “Our new User Activity Video Reporter captures every single user action for forensic review without having to filter through thousands of hours of activity or reports.”

The NetWrix User Activity Video Reporter can be used as a standalone product or as part of the NetWrix Change Reporter Suite – an integrated solution for automated and centralized auditing for the entire IT infrastructure.

NetWrix User Activity Video Reporter will be available from the end of January.

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