Enterprise DIY data erasure

Kroll Ontrack launched Ontrack Eraser 4.0, an enterprise data eraser solution, complete with expanded drive wiping capacity, VMware eraser capabilities and new reporting and security management functionality.

Features and functionality include:

VMware drive wiping capabilities: The ability to delete data from VMware machines, ensuring corporations are securely deleting data from their virtual environments and therefore addressing the complete scope of their IT environment.

Enhanced system performance: The enhanced capacity to perform over 200 concurrent device erasures to ensure the largest enterprise jobs are handled efficiently.

Enhanced system reporting: New reports that denote the hard drive make, serial number and model number, as well as the wipe algorithm applied to accomplish the job, providing corporations with the appropriate records for recycling centers and compliance requests.

Security and central management capabilities: New system authentication functionality to validate the erasure is conducted in the correct manner by the appropriate individual.

Data wiping is fundamental to complying with laws and regulations regarding data retention and privacy and reducing the risk of security breaches.

The advanced capabilities of Ontrack Eraser 4.0 enable enterprises to build a fully automated, efficient and cost-effective wipe process for a large number of devices. In addition to the enterprise software, Kroll Ontrack also has a mobile erasure service to help corporations address their erasure needs and meet their compliance and security requirements.

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