High volume biometric fingerprint and iris identification

Neurotechnology released MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0, a multi-biometric software and hardware solution designed for large-scale projects that require high-volume, high-speed fingerprint and/or iris identification using very large databases.

Enhancements provide the high level of control, versatility, speed and accuracy required for national-level projects such as criminal identification, voter registration, passport issuance and citizen ID where millions or even billions of records are required. Fingerprint and iris modes can be used individually or in combination for even higher reliability.

MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0 enables the system developer to optimize for accuracy or speed with eight different speed levels and provides more control and flexibility with the ability to specify all engine parameters, including speed level, for a single task. The updated algorithm in MegaMatcher Accelerator enhances accuracy for all kinds of fingerprints, including flat, slap, rolled or paper-scan.

“MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0 significantly improves the accuracy and versatility for use in large AFIS implementations,” said Antonello Mincone, MegaMatcher Accelerator project lead for Neurotechnology. “When heterogeneous fingerprint data are used in the same system, as in the case of an application for document issuance that includes both civil and criminal databases coming from different fingerprint capturing sources, MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0 allows the system developer to configure the balance of speed and accuracy for each different identification request. This facilitates optimal tuning of the overall system for the highest level of performance and reliability,” Mincone added.

The all-in-one MegaMatcher Accelerator software/hardware solution enables provides matching speeds of up to 100 million fingerprints per second and up to 200 million irises per second. It can manage a database of up to 40 million fingerprints and 50 million irises with the Extended version and up to 4 million fingerprints and 5 million irises with the Standard version. For even higher volume applications, multiple MegaMatcher Accelerators can be connected in a cluster to manage databases with billions of records.

Either fingerprint or iris mode can be used as a primary form of identification or both fingerprint and iris modes can be used together as a multi-biometric solution. MegaMatcher Accelerator also can check identification results with other biometric data from any Neurotechnology-supported modality, including face, palmprint or voice identification.

Unlike systems that use pre-classification or internal database indexing, MegaMatcher Accelerator can perform a full database search for each match. This eliminates potential false rejections from incorrect classifications and gives MegaMatcher Accelerator a very high degree of reliability.

MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0 includes an improved fingerprint algorithm that is tens to hundreds of times faster, depending on fingerprint type (plain, rolled, paperscan, etc.), yet can reach the same accuracy level as MegaMatcher SDK – the most accurate AFIS product from Neurotechnology – when set at the typical False Acceptance Rate (FAR) values and template size used in medium and large scale projects. Unlike systems that achieve higher speeds by applying constraints, such as limiting maximal rotation of two compared fingerprints, MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0 maintains its high speed remaining fully rotation invariant.

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