Facebook malware campaign targeting Bulgarian users

“Being” on Facebook brings its own set of dangers, and among them is inadvertently downloading malware by clicking on links posted by your own “friends”.

Webroot warns about a malware campaign that is currently targeting users from Bulgaria, and which has already led to many users being infected.

The message/lure simply states “Check it out! [LINK]”.

A click on it leads to the same message being posted to the victim’s Wall, and the victim being saddled with one of the various types of malware the crooks behind this campaign are serving: backdoor Trojans, ransomware, downloader Trojans, and so on.

Many of these variants have a relatively high detection rate, but at least one is detected only by 6 out of 46 antivirus scanners used by VirusTotal.

The company’s researchers have analyzed the malware and discovered that among the C&C servers contacted by it there is one that was used in a Facebook-themed malware campaign back in December 2012.

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