Cenzic Enterprise integrates with F5 BIG-IP ASM

Cenzic announced the direct API integration of the Cenzic Enterprise 7.0 suite of products with F5’s BIG-IP Application Security Manager(ASM) 11.3. With this combined solution, customers can now initiate a direct connection to their Cenzic Enterprise account, run scans and get immediate results on vulnerability assessments.

Web applications are the single greatest target for attackers. However, monitoring threat vectors constantly across a large number of web applications to identify vulnerabilities is cumbersome and fixing them is time-consuming. Cenzic’s application vulnerability scanning goes beyond signature detection to a behavioral model, identifying weaknesses quickly by emulating attacker activity.

The integration ensures that vulnerabilities can be identified and immediately addressed with BIG-IP ASM, thus providing the ability to patch vulnerabilities with a single click, resulting in real-time remediation without impacting application uptime or performance.

BIG-IP ASM protects mission critical applications with an agile, certified web application firewall and comprehensive, policy-based web application security. It offers threat assessment and mitigation, visibility and flexibility to help organizations secure applications.

One of the most scalable application security solutions on the market, BIG-IP ASM protects data center applications while boosting performance with application optimization and acceleration technologies such as fast caching, compression, SSL offload and TCP optimization.

Powered by Cenzic Hailstorm, Cenzic Enterprise is a software solution that assesses the security of cloud and web applications and supports security risk management throughout the software development lifecycle.

Cenzic Enterprise provides a company-wide view of security vulnerabilities and statuses to executives as well as customized views to other users from a web-based dashboard. It enables organizations of all sizes to continuously assess cloud, mobile and web applications to reduce online security risk from hacker attacks.

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