Auditing of Web apps with analytics dashboard for compliance

SaaSID has launched Cloud Application Manager 2.0 (CAM), the latest version of its browser-based authentication, management and auditing solution.

CAM 2.0’s audit report is now displayed in CAM Analytics, an intuitive dashboard that provides clear visibility of Web application use throughout an organization. The new software simplifies administration of authentication, feature controls and password management to help CIOs comply with data security regulations, standards and internal policies, by making it easier to govern, monitor and audit every user interaction with Web applications.

CAM 2.0’s suite of dashboards in CAM Analytics provide at-a-glance graphics, showing managers how employees are interacting with Web applications and associated corporate data, regardless of whether employees are working on company workstations or personally-owned computing devices.

Detailed analytics provide managers with a complete overview of Web application use and the ability to drill down into reports for additional information. Activities such as exporting customer lists, or attaching sensitive files to Webmail, are tracked and clearly displayed for compliance. A range of graphic elements show social media activity and interactions with corporate applications, providing managers with complete visibility of departmental and individual use of Web applications.

CAM 2.0 users can now be authenticated and logged into Web applications from the SaaSID server. This server-side authentication improves security by ensuring that log-in credentials are protected from malware that might be present on an unsecured device.

Users do not know their login details, so they cannot write them down, share them, or access managed applications from unprotected devices. Once CAM 2.0 has authenticated a user, the session is handed to the device and the user works with the application as normal.

Ed Macnair, CEO of SaaSID said, “SaaSID is the only vendor that goes beyond SSO to control Web application features and provide a comprehensive audit trail joined up across all the devices an individual may use, personal or company owned. The intuitive dashboard makes Cloud Application Manager’s auditing capability even more powerful, by providing CIOs with full visibility of employees’ Web application use, through a single pane of glass. We are committed to helping our customers meet the evolving identity, authentication and reporting requirements of the cloud. Cloud Application Manager 2.0 increases visibility and automates security features: putting CIOs back in control of Web applications and providing clear proof of governance, risk management and compliance.”

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