Splunk integrates with relational databases

Splunk announced Splunk DB Connect, which delivers scalable, real-time integration between Splunk Enterprise and traditional relational databases. With Splunk DB Connect, structured data from relational databases can be easily integrated into Splunk Enterprise, driving deeper levels of operational intelligence and richer business analytics across the organization.

Splunk DB Connect enables organizations to drive more meaningful insights for IT operations, security and business users. For example, IT operations teams can track performance, outage and usage by department, location and business entities.

Security professionals can correlate machine data with critical assets and watch lists for: incident investigations, real-time correlations and advanced threat detection using the award-winning Splunk Enterprise.

Community search engine Boardreader uses Splunk software to monitor its web crawlers and other essential business systems. In addition to generating large amounts of machine data on a daily basis, Boardreader maintains SQL databases to store business data and lookup tables such as country names, languages, production metrics and status, event and error codes. With Splunk DB Connect, Boardreader can run internal reports on usage trends and enhance the queries and reports with data from their SQL databases. Boardreader says Splunk DB Connect enabled it to replace its data warehouse.

“Splunk DB Connect simplifies everything about how we integrate machine data with data from our relational databases,” said Tracy Dalzell, senior project manager, Boardreader. “We used to look at yesterday’s data. Now we can see what’s going on as it happens. Instead of hunting around nine different Web servers, we click right into an event and troubleshoot problems or answer critical business questions on the spot. Splunk Enterprise and Splunk DB Connect made our data infrastructure vastly more effective and dynamic and helped us cut overall costs by eliminating the need for a data warehouse.”

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