Malware pushers poison MSN Messenger search results

As the date when the MSN Messenger is scheduled to be phased out speedily approaches, it is getting harder to find an installer for it online, so malware peddlers gave rushed in to fill the vacuum, warns Kaspersky Lab’s Fabio Assolini.

The doomed IM client is especially popular in Brazil – a country well known for its crooks focused on stealing banking information via Trojans – so it should not come as a surprise that the malicious download pages that are listed by Google actually serve a Trojan banker disguised as the installer:

Expectedly, this and other malicious domains serving the malware have been registered with bogus data.

This is only the beginning, and other similar schemes are still expected by April 30th – the date on which the service will become unavailable for Brazilian users, so Assolini recommends biting the bullet now and migrating to Skype now.

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