Privacy-enhanced identity and authentication platform

SecureKey announced its cloud-based identity and authentication platform – a solution that enables people to use devices and credentials they already have to perform two-factor authentication.

The suite of extended enterprise federated authentication services is easy for people to use and reduces the number of user IDs and passwords they manage, without sacrificing security and privacy.

Organizations can choose between two service offerings, depending on how frequently their users connect, and whether or not they want to support the use of third-party credentials: Enterprise service – designed for financial institutions, government, healthcare providers, mobile network operators and other extended enterprises seeking to improve the security of their existing credentials with multi-factor authentication for accessing their online and mobile applications.

It supports enterprise BYOD initiatives and allows users to turn consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and others into strong “what you have” factors for authentication. It also enables devices to act as secure readers of in-wallet credentials like contactless payment cards, identity cards or dynamic QR codes. Enterprise customers also can enable their credentials to be accepted by others through the Exchange service to help those organizations better cope with infrequently-used credentials. Exchange service – based on a three-party model of users, credential providers, and credential subscribers, the Exchange service allows authentication and identity information to be exchanged between credential providers and subscribers, while maintaining user privacy and control. It enables organizations to accept credentials from a trusted third-party issuer such as a bank, government, mobile operator, or social media site.

The Exchange service allows users to bring their own credentials (BYOC) from third-party providers and is ideal for infrequently-used services, such as government, utilities and telecom self-service, where password reset and account re-registrations lead to user frustration and high support costs.

The Exchange service is an extension of SecureKey Concierge, a service that allows Canadians to use their bank authentication credentials to securely access online services from the Government of Canada.

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