Dataguise enhances DG for Hadoop with selective encryption

Dataguise announced DG for Hadoop 4.3, which provides both masking and selective encryption for sensitive data in major Hadoop distributions. The new version also delivers expanded capabilities, including contextual-based search to identify sensitive data in unstructured files, simplified management with automatic notifications and audit reporting to demonstrate compliance.

DG for Hadoop identifies the unique characteristics of Big Data, processing multiple terabytes of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data in only a few hours to protect sensitive data at the source, during ingestion and in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Key features available in the latest generation software include:

  • Selective encryption: Complementing Dataguise masking technology for configurations where data mining needs to operate on actual data values. DG for Hadoop uses symmetric key based encryption of data and also encrypts the encryption keys themselves for stronger security.
  • Contextual-based data discovery: The Dataguise contextual-based data discovery capability uses a “neural-like network” approach for highly accurate sensitive data search instead of a simple “rule-based” approach. As a result, information surrounding a given string is correlated and complex inferences are made to determine whether that string is relevant to the search.
  • Consistent masking across a single or multiple Hadoop clusters: This capability preserves analytical value of information for trend analysis and aggregations.
  • Simplified management: DG for Hadoop provides automatic notifications so that security personnel can be alerted by e-mail or SMS when a job is completed or when changes occur.
  • Compliance audit reports: New reporting that compliance auditors can integrate in their analysis of the company’s overall compliance process and posture.

“The various distributions of Apache Hadoop provide a high performance platform for managing large volumes of data, helping organizations harness the potential of Big Data to make informed decisions,” said Ashar Baig, Founder & Principal Analyst, Analyst Connection. “For security solutions to be effective in this environment requires both the ability to secure the information effectively and do so without significant impact to operational performance. DG for Hadoop is a sophisticated solution that addresses these areas to provide the assurance and confidence in dealing with sensitive data.”

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