SugarCRM unveils fast private cloud

SugarCRM announced Sugar Private Cloud, a flexible deployment option that gives companies a dedicated, managed private instance of SugarCRM’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications in the cloud.

“Sugar Private Cloud gives our customers an opportunity to get the best of both worlds -a fully managed CRM service with the location, access, and service levels they choose,” said Lila Tretikov, SugarCRM chief product officer. “By leveraging on-demand cloud services without giving up control of their mission-critical data, performance, and security requirements, organizations can work at the speed of business across the world, and deliver a superior end-user experience globally.”

Sugar Private Cloud is ideal for companies that demand the highest, fastest levels of CRM performance and service, and require enterprise-level data isolation, business continuity, and SLAs to ensure the best experience for their users, yet do not want to manage a CRM IT infrastructure in-house.

Unlike other CRM solutions that keep customer data in a shared, multi-tenant database, Sugar’s architecture provides a dedicated database for each customer’s data, ensuring absolute data segregation, higher performance and service, and better control for every customer.

This Sugar premium cloud service works with global cloud providers and delivers the solution via worldwide data centers. Sugar Private Cloud is available in the United States, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

With Sugar Private Cloud, SugarCRM customers are not locked into one delivery model as they can easily move their Sugar installation based on their specific business requirements. For example, a customer can start on-premise, and move to the cloud as requirements change, or vice-versa.

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