Backup large data with Big Cloud

Sterling Data Storage released its largest data backup solution yet — the Big Cloud. It was designed for companies needing to securely store large amounts without sacrificing the advantages typically associated with cloud data backup, including no large, upfront capital expenses and minimal ongoing costs.

The brand new Big Cloud enterprise data backup serves business customers needing to store at least 2 Tb of data.

“Sterling Data Storage is committed to staying on the cutting edge of our industry and continuing to provide the best big data backup solutions to our customers,” said Jim Morand , CEO of Sterling Data Storage.

“We’re committed to offering the best, most secure products in the business. We want our customers to focus on running their businesses — not worrying about the safety of their data,” Morand added.

The popularity of cloud computing and big data backup has increased rapidly in recent years as small- and medium-sized businesses grow comfortable with cloud data backup and learn about its benefits, which include high scalability, unsurpassed data protection and affordability.

Demand for electronic data storage is estimated to increase by 61 percent over the next five years. As companies grow and accumulate more data, their large data backup needs also increase. The Big Cloud provides enterprise data backup while continuing to offer the speed and efficiency for which Sterling Data Storage’s other products are known.

Security features include multiple backup locations, data encryption prior to transport and restricted access — only the business owner can view the stored information. Companies needing to meet strict regulations regarding their stored information, such as those set by the American Bar Association, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act, will find that the security measures used with the Big Cloud, big data backup solution, maintain the safety and confidentiality of their information.

Besides providing high levels of security for important data, companies will find other benefits from the large data backup offered by the Big Cloud. The technology’s high scalability allows companies to pay only for the data they use. When business growth drives the need for additional data, a company can easily purchase additional backup space — all without requiring large, upfront capital expenditures or ongoing costs related to upgrading hardware and software.

The Big Cloud supports commonly used business operating systems, such as Microsoft, Mac and Linux, making it an accessible choice for many companies. Data backup focuses on changed content only, making the system swift and efficient.

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