CloudSigma introduces transparent private patching to public cloud

CloudSigma launched CloudSigma 2.0, a next-generation public cloud that enables high-performance hybrid environments.

Direct private patch/hybrid cloud capability: CloudSigma 2.0’s industry-first transparent private patching capability allows customers to connect their own infrastructure directly to the vLANS within CloudSigma’s public cloud, all exposed via the same subnet, vastly improving data portability and security.

While other IaaS offerings place cumbersome restrictions on cloud deployments, CloudSigma 2.0’s private patching allows for a totally private IP-only solution at full line speed and with low latency, by avoiding the need for inefficient VPNs. Combined with CloudSigma’s open software and networking layers that allow any x86 operating system to run unmodified, customers can mirror on-premise infrastructure for cloud bursting or disaster recovery purposes.

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS): The new private patching capability also enables a full-fledged DRaaS strategy by streamlining data portability and giving customers instant access to and recovery of their data in the event of an outage or disaster. With this, customers can truly run one environment both inside and outside of CloudSigma’s cloud without the overhead of maintaining two differentiated platforms.

CloudSigma 2.0’s private connectivity also mitigates data security concerns, since customers are no longer required to send their sensitive data over a public IP, thereby protecting private data against cyber-attacks, data leakage and malicious hacking.

All-SSD, high-performance storage: CloudSigma 2.0 incorporates all SSD storage, eliminating input/output (I/O) bottlenecks and CPU wait time to provide the highest levels of speed and stability. It also includes next generation virtual networking technologies, boosting VM-to-VM connectivity speeds.

With CloudSigma’s all-SSD storage, priced the same as its previous magnetic offering, companies can achieve higher performance than dedicated or private cloud arrangements, even in a public cloud, multi-tenant environment.

Advanced CPU options for better application performance: CloudSigma 2.0 places no restrictions on VM size, offers all resources including CPU and RAM on a utility basis, incorporates advanced CPU options with full-exposure of CPU instruction sets to VMs, and offers the ability to control visibility and emulation of non-uniform memory access (NUMA) as well as hypervisor timer settings. This level of service customizability can significantly boost application performance levels without increasing cost.

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