Instant Apple Configurator How-to

Authors: Charles Edge and TJ Houston
Pages: 88
Publisher: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 1849694060


Apple Configurator is a tool used for the mass configuration of iOS devices. With many large organizations adapting a variety of iOS devices into their daily workflow, it’s becoming an essential tool that enables the IT department to quickly deploy those devices. This book explores the capabilities and the limitations of Apple Configurator.

About the authors

Charles Edge is the CTO of 318 Inc., a national Mac-first consultancy. His expertise in iOS has enabled him to write numerous books. He’s also the author of, a site dedicated to heterogeneous networking and Apple systems administration.

TJ Houston is the Director of Technology for Huron City Schools and has worked with educators for over 5 years.

Inside the book

While clocking in at only 88 pages, this book dissects Apple Configurator and shows what this tool is capable of and guides you through usage scenarios.

I would suggest this book to complete beginners since it provides all the information you’ll need, starting from actually making your very first Apple ID.

There are plenty of screenshots, and given Apple’s nature of creating simple interfaces, they are easy to reference in a hurry.

Throughout the book, the authors offer notes and tips, clearly separated by the text and easy to browse at a moment’s notice. They make very good points and emphasize the importance of certain situations.

Instant Apple Configurator How-to will take you by the hand and teach you how to use this tool. It’s simple, short, well laid-out and quite useful. I would certainly recommend it to anyone starting off working with Apple Configurator.

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