Ultra-fast online backup from GFI Software

GFI Software announced GFI MAX Backup, a service that enables all MSPs to add secure data backup to the services they can offer customers at a time when demand for secure online backup continues to rise.

The service provides highly scalable and secure backups both to the cloud and to local storage on-site while removing the overhead and risk associated with managing removable media.

The launch of GFI MAX Backup as a new product follows the acquisition of online backup company IASO in May. The technology has been used with great success over the last year in GFI MAX RemoteManagement and this new, standalone version allows MSPs who are not using GFI MAX RemoteManagement to benefit from the same ground-breaking technology already used by thousands of MSPs all over the world.

The importance of secure data storage is growing and natural disasters continue to make headlines, so businesses are increasingly turning to online backup as part of their strategy to protect their critical business assets.

In addition to business continuity benefits, companies that embrace cloud storage can better manage the cost and time needed for data recovery in the event of a disaster. Backup costs, combined with the substantial growth in the amount of data that businesses need to store, are forcing companies to seek new ways to manage their IT costs without the need for major capital investment, which creates new opportunities for MSPs.

The technologies in GFI MAX Backup, including the unique True Delta and Local SpeedVault, deliver a hybrid approach, meaning that not only are backups and restores ultra-fast but also that the data is secure and available at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever it is required.

Flexible deployment – backup individual servers and workstations or all devices at the client level.

Get going in minutes – quick to install and straight forward to configure. Free, secure seed loading to import your existing data.

Automatically backup multiple data types in the cloud – files and folders, system state, network shares, Exchange information stores, SQL databases, Oracle, Sharepoint, virtual machine backups using VMware and Hyper-V snapshots.

Low bandwidth load – the True Delta Technology reduces backup volume. Intelligent, incremental backups only include block-level changes so you only back up the part of the file that has changed, not the whole of every changed document each time.

Military grade security – Encrypted transmission and encrypted offsite storage to protect your customers’ business data (128-bit AES, 256-bit AES — Blowfish 448-bit encryption using webdav over SSL).

Lightning fast – backup and easy file recovery with our Local SpeedVault.

User file recovery – Virtual Drive Technology replicates the user’s file structure so they can self-serve file restores straight from their desktop.

Infinitely scalable – backup large volumes of data and the storage infrastructure will grow as required.

Multi-platform support – Windows, MAC OSX, and Linux.

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