Advanced threat detection from Cylance available for free

The Cylance PrivateDETECT for endpoints is now ready for broad beta consumption as limited time freeware.

Cylance’s technological approach is to apply big math and science to security. Many industries, like high frequency trading, pharmaceutical development and life insurance, have applied mathematical algorithms to calculate large amounts of data into highly accurate groupings, normalizations and abnormalities.

A benefit Cylance PrivateDETECT provides is its ‘weight’. Most endpoint solutions can be a burden on the computing power and footprint of the endpoint device and only get ‘heavier’ with each additional signature protection update. This causes PCs to have slow boot up times, drag on regular performance and the burden of updating on a regular basis – enabling gaps in protection until the next update is applied.

The solution addresses these issues with an almost non-existent, featherweight, real-time detection. As a browser interface, there is no burden on the endpoint and advanced threat detection can be seen from any web browser – whether on that device or not.

The benefit Cylance PrivateDETECT provides is derived from social sharing. Through a ‘community or herd immunity’ model, users can add family, friends and associates to their circle and help identify who might have bad elements on their machine. For every bad item found on one machine, the intelligence populates our advanced threat database in real-time for the protection of everyone. In this way, the more people who use it, the better the detection gets. With the mission to protect the world from cyber hacks and attacks, the planet of computer users who implement Cylance PrivateDETECT will significantly progress towards reducing a hacker’s current ease of breaking into networks and endpoints.

Cylance’s approach to security protection is called Presponse. This is a philosophical, practical and cyclical manner of understanding a hacker’s mentality and coupling algorithmic intelligence with technology to be predictive and preventive against advanced threats. Through this approach, organizations can understand how they could be compromised before a breach occurs and help recover after an attack, therefore preventing incidents before business is affected.

“Security is an industry full of new threats, problems and vulnerabilities, but you hear little in the way of new forms of defense,” said Patrick Heim, Chief Trust Officer with “Cylance is not satisfied with the current model nor waiting for a ‘successful’ attack to diagnose a cure. Their initiative to bring to market a free advanced threat detection product for the greater good is admirable and highly beneficial in the fight against hackers and attackers for both individuals and organizations.”

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