Viewfinity launches a new application control solution

Viewfinity announced the availability of the Viewfinity Application Control solution, a homogeneous software solution that includes application whitelisting, managing trusted sources, forensic analysis, application reputation and monitoring all reinforced with managed administrative privileges, providing a fully manageable solution for thwarting cyber security attacks.

Viewfinity Application Control effectively minimizes the impact on end user productivity and the amount of time IT must spend managing the whitelist profile. Our automated rating and restricting of unclassified applications proactively secures applications that have not yet been classified, allowing them to run in our greylist mode, which restricts privileges and limits access to resources until automatically rated and classified. Users operate with least privilege rights and if an application explicitly requires admin rights, the software simply elevates privileges for the application, not the user.

In addition, Viewfinity’s patent-pending Forensic Analysis feature identifies information related to malicious files and tracks applications being installed and run, and who, when, and from where applications and files are introduced onto corporate endpoints, following the forensic trail from generation to generation. Application origination points are tracked from the source through the network to any removable storage device, as well as through software distributors, Internet downloads, and can be used for reputation scoring and for investigation.

By silently tracking an application’s history before any policies are implemented, rules can be applied to pre-existing applications based on information such as installation point of origin, trusted vendor, and other criteria. This data is reported through a centralized console allowing IT to perform application audits, apply policies or review screen recorded video for auditing and forensic purposes for breach investigations.

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