Combat Arms players, beware of free NX generators

Players of the popular Combat Arms first-person shooter are being targeted by online crooks via the in-game chat system, warns Chris Boyd.

They crooks offer what is supposedly a free generator of Nexon Cash, the game’s virtual currency that allows users to buy weapons, health packs and so on for their characters:

ThreatTrack researchers have followed the offered links, and have downloaded 11 malicious files posing as generators, hosted on Dropbox, Mediafire, and .tk domains.

They are usually keystroke loggers that send the recorded game usernames and passwords to the crooks, who then either use them themselves to hijack the gaming accounts and sell them off, or sell the login information on underground forums.

Users are advised to remember that, as in real life, an offer that seems too good to be true is more often than not a scam.

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