New enterprise information management platform

Actifio announced a product release expanding its scope as an application-defined copy data management platform. New features in Actifio 6.0 allow companies to manage data in ways that go beyond business resiliency applications – classic backup and business continuity use cases – to manage enterprise data access.

The initial focus of these features is on the ability to instantly provision application data for self-service development and testing. In addition, Actifio 6.0 is optimized for cloud service providers to accelerate service introduction with less infrastructure and cost.

Highlights of the release include:

  • Automated application development workflows for better apps, 300 percent faster
  • Accelerated service introduction for Cloud Providers with 90 percent less infrastructure
  • Anywhere access with mobile management apps for real-time IT monitoring
  • Advanced SAP, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, HP-UX, AIX, IBM iSeries and Oracle Solaris Integrations.

New capabilities include:

On-demand, self-service app development – New role-based controls enable self-service provisioning of test instances, and LiveClone and LiveClone Layers provide space-efficient, live-updated independent virtual copies of data.

Dev/Test workflows with consumer-grade simplicity – User-defined scheduled processing of copy data to streamline workflows for test and development, ETL, reporting, analytics and other business agility oriented processes.

“Copy data management is about way more than making backup more efficient,” said Ash Ashutosh, Actifio founder and CEO. “Once a customer has protected their application data with Actifio, they can not only recover it, they can leverage it in ways that make the business more agile. With Actifio 6.0, we’re introducing new workflow tools and specialized features to transform the way DBA’s get their hands on the data they need to develop new applications, for example. And over the coming months you’ll see us refine and integrate similar features, to better support the use cases our customers are showing us every day.”

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