PHDVirtual releases virtual backup and disaster recovery software

PHD Virtual Technologies announced the availability of several new products including PHD Virtual Backup 6.5, which provides methods of virtual and cloud-based data protection and now provides recovery for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

In addition, new ReliableDR 3.2 now gives companies unprecedented integration of traditionally separate backup and disaster recovery processes by automating failover and recovery verification with PHD Virtual Backup.

New features in PHDVB 6.5 include:

Backup archiving: Easily copy backup data offsite, to the cloud, or to removable disk devices and granularly select specific VM backups to be copied or keep an exact copy of all backups in synch with another location. Additionally, customers can archive from multiple source locations to a single remote location, leverage different retention policies for archived backups and quickly recover VMs and guest files from archived backups, even those in the cloud.

Interval backup and replication scheduling: Critical applications typically require aggressive RPOs. PHDVB 6.5 now provides granular interval scheduling down to as frequently as every 15 minutes, offering customers a cost-effective, storage agnostic solution that provides complete DR Assurance when coupled with ReliableDR in the Recovery Management Suite.

PHD Virtual Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V – PHD Virtual announces its plans to support Hyper-V targeted for release in Q4 2013. Focusing on new virtualization technologies available with Windows Server 2012, and equipped with a slick new web-based interface paving the road for the product’s new architecture, PHD will deliver purpose-built VM data protection and recovery with global deduplication in its first Hyper-V release.

Microsoft Exchange / Microsoft SharePoint Recovery: Provides comprehensive Exchange and SharePoint recovery. This functionality is powered by Ontrack PowerControls and is available in all VMware and Citrix Enterprise Editions of PHDVB. Exchange and SharePoint recovery allow users to quickly search within PHD backups for specific items of those applications and recover them to files or directly back to the production app within just a few clicks.

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