Security heavyweights to keynote HITB conference in Malaysia

This October, both Chief Security Officers of Akamai and Facebook will be in Kuala Lumpur to deliver their Day 1 and Day 2 keynote talks at HITBSecConf 2014 (October 16th and 17th).

Andy Ellis, Chief Security Officer at leading cloud platform provider Akamai will be delivering his Day 1 keynote address on “Cognitive Injection: Reprogramming the Situation-Oriented Human OS”. The following Day 2 keynote address will be delivered by Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at Facebook who will speak on “Bringing Social to Security”.

Taking place at the Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur, this year’s 2-day, triple-track HITBSecConf Kuala Lumpur will also play host to over 40 of the world’s top computer security experts and is expected to attract hundreds of attendees from around the globe.

Akamai’s CSO Andy Ellis first spoke at HITBSecConf Amsterdam in 2012 where he had shared a behind-the-scenes look at how Akamai’s security program evolved through the collapse of the dot-com bubble, avoided being trapped below the security poverty line, and developed into one of the most trusted cloud platforms today.

“I’ve spent the year and a half in between doing further research into cognitive science and organizational psychology, and the talk I’ll be giving in Kuala Lumpur represents the third stage of the presentation (the second was given as a keynote at RSAC USA this year) that I started in Amsterdam,” said Andy Ellis, Chief Security Officer at Akamai.

“As I’ve studied, I’ve found many analyses of the way the human brain learns, operates, and responds to new inputs to be quite explanatory of some of the effects we, as InfoSec professionals, often observe in the field,” he added.
“Rather than continuing to repeat our mistakes over and over, an understanding of how evolution has tailored the human brain to respond can be used as a tool to make organizations behave in ways we would find more pleasing”.

On October 17th, Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at Facebook, will take the stage for Day 2 keynote address. Joe’s last HITBSecConf keynote in Amsterdam 2011 discussed the importance of innovation for security teams to survive with the evolving security landscape. This time, for HITBSecConf 2013 Kuala Lumpur Joe will share some recent examples of innovative security initiatives that leverage social engagement to improve security.

“I am excited to return to HITB to experience the Malaysia event because the Amsterdam conference was such a unique situation–where my keynote started a conversation that kept going until the end of the conference, as I met with and got to know the other attendees. It felt like every participant was an expert who brought great ideas to the dialogue”, said Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer at Facebook.

“When I spoke in 2011, I focused on the importance of security teams always innovating to keep up with the latest threats. I still believe that, and when I recently started documenting some of our newer home-grown innovations I noticed a trend: that we have injected a social aspect into our recent ideas. So in this keynote, I will share some of the ways we’ve successfully engaged socially, even in otherwise technical solutions, to increase the security of our social network”, he added.

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